We have professional dog trainers in-house to bring our lovely customers the best results!

We have teamed up with American-K9 to offer our customers the best when it comes to training.  Whether it be for a puppy or a dog with behavioral issues, our trainers on-site are the best of the best.  They have a wide range of training experience, from basic pet obedience to working dogs in the field. Please contact them to schedule a consultation.



Training Programs 

Board & Train

AmericanK9 has spent years developing our board & train model. When your dog comes to us for our board & train, it’s a complete immersion dog training program. The dogs will lodge at our state of the art training facility, and engage in outbound training throughout their time here with us. Board & Train is by far our most popular package at AmericanK9/Crownsville Canine. AmericanK9 has a dynamic group of trainers, guaranteed to fit all of our client’s needs.

The program that has been designed is unlike any other. From the moment the dog steps foot into the facility, everything changes. We begin a bond with your dog, which will last a lifetime as well as start a new beginning of learning and understanding what will be expected of them from here forward. We begin by removing the bad habits, building confidence, and educating the dog on what is expected of them. We hold the dogs accountable for their actions; this is the key to our success.

Private Lessons With Certified Trainer Package

We offer Private Lesson Packages

Weekly training sessions in packages of 4, 6, or 8 weeks of training depending on you and your dog’s needs.

This package is for owners who are willing to put in the work! Our certified trainers will work with you and your dog in a private setting to teach you how to train your dog. The package is fully customizable based on the issues you’re having with your dogs and the skills you’d like to learn. You will be given step by step demonstrations on how to train your dog from start to finish. All the lessons are with you, your dog, and one of our trainers. You will meet once a week or once every other week depending on each lesson goes with you and your dogs’ progress to the next steps. Some dogs train faster than others, as well as the owners. We will go at your pace to get you and your dog to your training goals. The package prices due very, the price per packages does go down when you purchase a higher amount of lessons. We also offer individual training sessions at $150 per hour if there are only one or two commands you’d like to learn such as; heel, recall, place, etc.


American K9 Dog Training Services

  • Private Lessons
  • Drop & Train
  • Board & Train
  • Nosework Classes & Workshops
  • Aggressive Dog/ Rehab
  • Puppy Socialization & Training
  • Service Dog Training
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Classes & Certifications

Service Highlights

  • Professional Dog Training
  • Large Training Rooms
  • Positive reinforcement training
  • American K9
  • Board & Train
  • Puppy Socialization
  • One-On-One Lessons