About Our Facility



The main goal in designing Crownsville Canine’s facility was to make sure that each and every animal could stay in the same upscale accommodations as the next. I want every dog who boards with us to have the nicest room I could provide them with and thus they were all made equally. This way, nobody has to fight over the better rooms in the building.

Conveniently located in Crownsville Maryland between Annapolis, DC and Baltimore. We will be on the way to BWI for may people driving to or home from the airport.


Every dog is housed in a 5’x5′ indoor room with adequate space to be comfortable. This also allows families with multiple smaller dogs to comfortably room their dogs together. Each indoor room is climate controlled with large ceiling fans and high set windows to allow for proper air flow and ventilation. Each individual kennel area is sealed off from connecting rooms to keep dogs calmer and to prevent any cross contamination between boarders. The kennel fronts are mostly glass so your dog will always feel like they are part of what’s going on. Low front grates also allow for them to smell their environment and be better informed of their surroundings. Each room comes equipped with non-spill food and water bowls so that your pet will always have access to their essentials with no spills or messes should they accidentally run into them.

Flooring is a cool stained and sealed concrete that is slip resistant and easy to keep sanitary. Every room comes with a durable and comfortable Kuranda Cot for the dogs to lay on and make themselves comfortable. Lastly, each wing of the kennel has two televisions which run daily for our clients entertainment. This can often calm a dogs nerves and make them feel like they are in a homely environment than a kennel.

Each indoor dog room is connected via guillotine door to an outdoor kennel area of 5’Wx10’Lx6’H. A dog can not only get out into the fresh air, but will have the ability to relieve themselves when they need to without waiting for potty rounds. Each outdoor run is sealed concrete equipped with floor drains to allow waste to wash away.  This also allows for easy cleanup throughout the day. Our outdoor runs, while outside, are completely under roof as well. Being under roof gives our clients shade from the sun on hot days, and allows our dogs to be able to go outside even in inclement weather. To account for the occasional escape artist, our outdoor runs are completely enclosed by concrete and thick screening to ensure no dog is able to leave the property. Special rooms with top covers can be provided upon request.

We also have buddy rooms!  Buddy rooms are kennels with a divider between two indoor room panels that can be raised to allow for larger dogs to bunk with each other and still have enough space to be comfortable.


We have plenty of areas to play! We have large fenced in natural grass areas for potty breaks and play breaks. We also have several designated play areas on artificial turf. Turf allows dogs to have play areas even after heavy rain and helps to keep everyone out of the mud and clean while they are outside enjoying themselves. In addition to our outdoor play yards, we also have two large indoor playrooms for days that don’t allow for safe outdoor play time. We also use them to break up dogs into safer play groups.

A kitchen allows us to prepare every dogs meals to your liking. While we provide an in-house food, you are welcome to bring your dog’s own food for their stay here. Meals should be pre-packaged into single serving bags so we are able to properly store all of  your belongings in a personalized bin. Medications, if needed, can be added into your dogs care schedule as well.


We also have a backup generator on site! This way if the power goes out for an extended period of time, our guests will be perfectly safe and sound.