Doggy Day Care

We believe socialization is important in any pup’s life! Here at Crownsville Canine, we provide the best and safest doggy day care services in the area.

At Crownsville Canine, we have lots of areas to play! We have large fenced in natural grass areas for potty breaks and play breaks. We also have several designated play areas on artificial turf. Turf allows dogs to have play areas even after heavy rain and helps to keep everyone out of the mud and clean while they are outside enjoying themselves.

To go along with out outdoor play yards we also have two large indoor playrooms for days that don’t allow for safe outside play time.

Service Highlights

  • Supervised Doggy Day Care
  • Two Large Indoor Play Room
  • Two Outdoor Artificial Turf Play Yards
  • One Large Authentic Turf Play Yard