Dog Boarding Odenton MD

Come board your pets with us!  We have 72 indoor/outdoor suites. Inside, all the rooms are climate controlled. Outside, all the rooms are under roof. This way, on rainy days, your dogs can still have fresh air without the possibility of getting wet!

Every room is outfitted with a complementary Kuranda Cot. There are two TV’s that run 24/7 for a calming background noise.  Every room has no-spill food and water bowls in order to keep a clean environment.

Have an escape artist? We have covered runs! Please feel free to request these.

Do you have multiple large dogs? Inquire about our buddy rooms! Buddy rooms allow for intermingling between two full suites.  This way, large breed bonded pairs can freely interact with each other and have the space of two full suites.

Our suites and pricing structure allow for multiple dogs to stay in the same room, size permitting!

Pricing is as follows: Please call for availability – Reservation system does not reflect current availabilityWe respond to online requests within 24 hours, Please check SPAM folder for responses.

  • 1 Dog – $60 per day
  • 2 Dogs (Sharing Same Room) – $100 per day
  • Buddy Suites – $120 per day
  • Baths (For stays 5 days or longer, it is required your pet have a cleanup bath at the end of their stay)
    • Small Dogs – $25
    • Large Dogs – $35
  • House Food – $2/Day

If pickup is after 11am, customers must pay for the day of pickup.

Prerequesite Vaccinations:

  • Rabies,
  • Bordetella
  • Parvo/Distemper combo (titers test accepted within 6 months)

Recommend Vaccines:

  • Canine Influenza
  • Lepto Recommended

Other Recommendations:

  • Have your pets on a worming protocol

At Crownsville Canine, our house food is Inukshuk 26-16.  It’s a well-rounded food, but we strongly recommend to all of our clients that you bring your own food to prevent gastric upset.  Please portion out all of your pet’s meals into single portion baggies. If they require wet food, raw diet, or medication, please bring it with a description on how to feed.  We do have a refrigerator in our kitchen to meet the needs of these specialty diets.  In addition, please make us aware of any potential allergies your pets may have, whether it be food or anything else.

Every dog will be checked upon entry for fleas. If your dog is found with fleas, it will be $30 for a required flea bath before they can enter their suite.